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      Download this ebook from to know more about how to draft a partnership deeds.

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      Murtaza jasdan

        Creating a shariat compliant partnership deed is really easy.
        You first need to study and understand the laws & principles of a partnership in Shariat Mohammediyah, this can be done by downloading the BASIC PRINCIPLES OF A PARTNERSHIP booklet from the template section.
        After that you fill the Partnership deed which is at the end of the section and send it to
        The office will get in touch with you thereafter and you will be sorted.
        For any queries of any sort you can directly mail on too

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          what to create a partnership deed

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              Can you please ask elaborate your question further? Is there anything specific you would like to know?

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              in case you wanan create a partnership deed as per Shariyaat E Mohammadiya, you need to reach out to your local Tijaraat Rabeha Member or alternatively you can place a request by visitng the web page

              in case you need to make a partnership other than Shariyaat E Mohammadiya, plz connect with a Chartered Accountants.

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                A Partnership deed generally consists of Name, Place of Business, Object of Firm, Details and Shareholding of Partners. General and Specific Rules and Regulations like How to share profits, How to allocate expenses, Whom to reach out in case of arbitration, audit of books of account etc

                Partnership Deed is very useful and is needed in various Govt Offices and would also form part of Statutory Agreemnts among Partners

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