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        House-hold Budget is Budget to monitor household expenses.

        Budget which Hold your House

        Source of fund is Profit after Tax available from Business, Profession or Salary..
        Follow 50/30/20 rule as one of the option to monitor your expenses or to allocate..
        your budget can be surplus (where Income Exceeds Expenses), balanced (where Income equals Expenses) or deficit (where Expenses Exceeds Income).
        Broadly Speaking Expenses are bifurcated into Needs & Wants, which needs to be wisely classified.
        eg of expenses can be Deeni Exp (FMB, Wajebaat etc) Houshold (Utilities,m Utensils, Repair & Maintenance) and many more.
        For more details or hands on household budget you can visit Tijaraat Rabeha Resource section to download file and have a hand-on

        to Download Booklet
        Household Budget Booklet

        to Download Excel Sheet
        Excel Sheet – Household Budget

        then visit Household Budget Tab

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          Download the ebook from to learn more about household budgeting.

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