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        I have small freelancing business, earning day to day, its difficult to survive in these competitive market against big suppliers, how can i make more profit/sale and take my business to next level?

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        Mufaddal Panwala


          In a competitive market, growth is very difficult, especially when competitors are big.

          you need to create a blue ocean for your self, these are some ways I have personally done to gain from the competitive market.

          1.create the same product with different materials, which are cheaper in price, and can provide same result.
          2.create an entry barrier for your product- get your product patented or have some certain certification which is difficult for others to create or takes time.
          3.create a brand name for your product, this is a long term process.

          on the contrary to this,
          I would also suggest, as you have a small Freelancing business and not too much capital is invested,

          you keep adding new products and stop working on competitive products till u reach a point where you find a field where you are able to grow rapidly and earn good profit.

          at the end of the day, no one likes to stay in a market that is very competitive and growth is not their.

          hope this helps.

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            There are tons of free websites where you can register as a freelancer and offer your services – as well as bid on open projects. I’ll recommend organize your self in a way where you spend 1 day of the week researching and bidding on projects available online. Curious, what freelancing do you offer.

            Disclaimer: Site may be free to register but will charge you some % fee upon every project deal.

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              What kind of freelance business? I have clients that could use a lot different kind of freelance help.

              Msg asap.

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                I am into arts and crafts business where I teach painting and sketching online.

                How do I grow my business online?

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