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      Sakina Rampurawala

        I want to start new retail business, what are most essential things i should know that can help me establish faster.

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          Mufaddal Panwala

            Try to Automate your business as much as you can, which will help you to scale up quickly and efficiently.

            1. setup a good POS ( meet at least 5 people and see demo for each, then bargain with the best vendor)
            2. have automated Whatsapp chatbot setup, where your customers can interact and without being you manually answering they can reach your store/purchase automatically.
            3. most important, have a customer database and engagement solution, (you can visit this will help you identify your loyal customers and help you target your lost customers by engaging with them, all through automation.

            the more you have automation in the process, the easier your life will be and you can grow your business quickly without hiring more people which can save your cost in the initial stage.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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